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Our warm roof systems are of unparalleled quality. Supplied by Guardian and installed by our highly adept team of experts, a tiled roofing system significantly reduces noise & sun glare, whilst regulating your conservatory’s temperature to comfortable levels throughout the year. This allows you to enjoy a relaxing living space all year round and save money on your energy bills.

Ventilated to combat condensation build-up

Plastered ceiling allows for internal customisation

Can be installed quickly

Compliant with Building Regulations

Complete your conservatory with the right colour

Getting the right colour for you is important for adding that final touch of personalisation, which truly makes a conservatory feel your own. And with a range of roof options that can be tailored to match your current property available, you’re bound to find the colour options that’s perfect for you.

Constructed from high grade steel with an aluzinc® coating, your chosen colour is exceptionally resistant to the elements, meaning your new roof will continue impressing your neighbours long after it’s been installed.

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The most popular colours for this product


colour: Black


colour: Brown


colour: Grey


colour: Mulberry


colour: Terracotta

Skylight interior view

Enjoy a well-lit space that you customise

Despite the absence of large portions of glazing in the roof, a tiled option ensures for plenty of light exposure. A number of skylights can be fitted, depending on the conservatory’s size, so you’re still able to enjoy a space that is incredibly well-lit.

The absence of a glazed roof reduces rain noise and sun glare. Glare from the sun can cause bleaching to your furniture, so your home’s interior is protected and more comfortable, as a result. Having a solid plastered ceiling increases your customisation possibilities too.

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